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Very early, in my online practice I have been building interfaces for user content. Long before blogs existed, my visitors could express their reactions to my pages and participate in interactive narratives, by means of custom made interfaces. User participation is at the core of my practice, but it is not proposed as such, it is integrated inside a work of art or related to it.
Here is a list of different online interfaces for user content I have created, most of which are still active, maintained until now, updated and repaired

-1999 Mouchette’s database for users input and mail communication (still maintained) Kill the Cat database Suicide Kit database Lullaby for a Dead Fly database (Flash)

-2001 David Still’s interface for email exchanges using his identity (maintained until 2006) -2003 Identity Sharing Interface: to publish in the website of Mouchette


A view inside the user interface of


To test the interface:  Login: lalie  Password: lalie

Pages created by a user with the Identity Sharing Interface

-2008, an interface for edition and publication as a virtual person

Works created with

-The Stranger :

-Tom et Maria:

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