Desktop Jewels

Pomegranates, overexposed, hanging in a bare tree appeared on my desktop. My own magic fruit, my good omen, my blessing…
Where was that pomegranate tree?
in China, a garden in Suzhou, I believe. And maybe, if I remember well, it must be that garden called “Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty“, the garden that brings tears to my eyes, the garden that tells me everything I need to know about my lifeScreen-shot-2012-12-26-at-6.24.36-PM, my past, my future, the man I love. Love is in the pomegranate.

This image has become the basis for my new year’s card. Transfered onto the Ipad, sprinkled with fresh pomegranate seeds, laid on this precious woven cloth coming from an ancient ┬átribe in India (Orissa) and photographed with the Iphone. Later, I added the text with photoshop, in bright red, to resemble the pomegranate seeds.

The results of my lucky rituals have been shared with my friends online, as a new year’s card.
This is as much as I can do with my magic powers.

This year 2013 will bring me surprises. Let’s wait with confidence.