Event in Berlin 3 April

Net Specific exhibition and launch event: “Performing the Media”

The Museum of Contemporary Art’s online exhibition platform Net.Specific launches its next exhibition on April 3rd at Supermarkt in Berlin. The exhibition Performing the Media will be running online from April 3rd 2014 until March 2015.

The exhibition Performing the Media deals with how identity can be constructed in online space and through the tools that the internet gives its users to work with. The invited artists all use the internet as a departure point in their performative artistic practices, which evolve around topics like: identity, surveillance, tracking, representation and hacking. Identity in this context is seen in a broad understanding of how personal representations take different shapes, where the web functions as a transformative and critical space for action.

Martine Neddam, who is known for her pioneering work Mouchette.org, has for years been working with how to play with identity constructions in the online-sphere. In the Performing the Media exhibition, she will show her latest work on identity representation called My Desktop Life, which is a tool to create stories of yourself using what is on your desktop as elements in a narrative structure. The tool creates small portrait films of the person in question. During the launch event at Supermarkt, Neddam will introduce the tool and the future of its development as well as a screening of her own films made with the prototype of the tool.

Johannes P. Osterhoff will launch a new performance work, where personal tracking is in focus. Osterhoff has previously been working with durational performances related to his own use of mobile devices in e.g. his I-phone live performance. The new performance will be shown in the Net.Specific framework and the performance will be launched at the event at Supermarkt, where Osterhoff will be remotely present through a projection of his real-time location, another place in Germany.

Tobias Leingruber,who is also an active member of the F.A.T. lab (Free Art and Technology) will host his FB Resistance Workshop at the launch event at Supermarkt. In this workshop website hacking is in focus, which is closely connected to Leingruber’s work with critical strategies applied to social media and online representation. An example is his Social Network ID-cards, which will be exhibited through a new interface on the Net.Specific platform.


The launch event will present the new exhibition and its artist’s at Supermarkt Berlin on April 3rd from 15 – 21, which will include a workshop, artist’s presentations and a screening:


15:00 – 18:00: Tobias Leingruber – FB Resistance Workshop (registration required at: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net)


19:00 – 21:00: Presentations by curator Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen, artists Martine Neddam and Tobias Leingruber as well as streamed performance by Johannes P. Osterhoff (ongoing the whole event).

Additionally small films connected to Martine Neddam’s project will be shown during the evening.

Net.Specific website: www.netspecific.net

The Net.Specific platform is hosted by Museum of Contemporary Art (Roskilde, Denmark)
Museum website: www.samtidskunst.dk
Contact: info@samtidskunst.dk

The Net.Specific platform, exhibition and event is coordinated and curated by Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen.
Contact: info@tmkm.dk

Event venue April 3rd:
Brunnenstrasse 64
13355 Berlin