Hyperriz, Mapping culture multimodally

The work of Petra Johnson made with MyDesktopLife has just been published in Hyperriz 12, summer 2015 issue.
Composing the Ordinary, Part 1, Beginnings
The work she made with MyDesktopLife has been archived as a screen capture, but is also linked to the orignal browser version.Hyperriz


Composing the Ordinary, Part 1: Beginnings



This essay sketches the genesis and methodology of a participatory art practice called ‘walk with me’ that mines the narratives that inform us and concludes by describing the process of translating a practice that takes place in body-time into a web-format using a non-commercial online tool conceived by artist Martine Neddam.

Some of the contents of this essay have been presented in a paper called ‘Composition of the Ordinary’ at the conference ‘Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories’ held at the University of Coimbra, Portugal in May 2014. In this paper I described how the practice connects everyday spaces in China, the U.K. and Germany – countries I had lived and worked in – by enabling platforms that exist outside a ‘shared, socially validated order’ [1]but within a shared everyday space.

VIEW video documentation of Composing the Ordinary, Part 1