MyDesktopLife at ZKM

I went to ZKM for the opening of “Writing the History of the future” where my work was presented on a screen.
Demonstrating the software and the tiny checkbox that opens the editing interface
the editing elements are active on the touch screen
by clicking the same tiny checkbox on the left-hand top corner, the editor disappears while the animation on the browser continues
Everything on screen is running from the online website ‘Art On Your Screen

This is the online version of the prototype of MyDesktopLife archived and preserved by ZKM

A good memory of my visit to the opening in ZKM: Sabine Himmelsbach and Boris Magrini from HEK in front of the work by Cornelia Sollfrank

all photos above are by Cornelia Sollfrank (thank you!) except this one

I wrote a letter to the curator of “Writing the History of the Future” because I thought the purpose of the work (a software) was totally overlooked by the presentation. They are going to add some information and improve the presentation. To be continued…