Web-Mixer: Great News!


Great news! Web-mixer, the CMS for MyDesktopLife has been awarded a grant from Stimuleringsfonds e-culture

Here is the positive advice on my application:

Net art pioneer Martine Neddam has submitted a revised application for the project Web-Mixer. In the 14EB round the Advisory Committee recommended that the application for the project plan for ‘MyDesktopLife’ should not be honoured.

The new application is for a start-up grant for the initial phase in developing a preliminary model for the on-line tool and the Content Management System. The Web-Mixer combines a media player and an editor tool in one single browser window. This will generate an online editing programme that enables translation structures to be configured by mixing digital content in the form of sound, image and text. The website forms a platform for the CMS, and it contains an overview of the productions and a forum. The project is based on Neddam’s vision of developing a shared creative expressive language, prompted by online traditions. For the tool’s technical development Neddam is collaborating with software developer James Hudson.

The Advisory Committee commends Martine Neddam’s initiative in submitting a revised application. The development plan is more clearly defined than in the earlier application and ties in better with the form of the start-up grant. Through her network Neddam has access to a test group and the addition of James Hudson is a good technical partner. Nonetheless the Committee does not anticipate that the web-mixer project will produce a user-friendly product that will be used by a wide-ranging target group; for that, the way it is to be developed too closely reflects Neddam’s personal development and work. However, this is not to deny the tool’s value as an artistic medium for a limited target group. The Committee is aware that in the net art tradition influencing discussion can sometimes be more important than developing widely applicable tools. The Committee values Neddam’s persistent initiatives to share fundamental knowledge in the field of the internet and net art, thereby attracting new people

The Advisory Committee has advised the Board of the Creative Industries Fund NL to honour the grant application with a start-up grant. It anticipates that this initial phase will result in a project plan that will contribute to the realisation of the aims of the Grant Programme for E-culture.

Stimuleringsfonds e-culture

Stimuleringsfonds e-culture

Dutch summary:

Net art pionier Martine Neddam ontwikkelt een eerste model voor een online tool en Content Management Systeem. De Web-Mixer combineert een mediaplayer en een editor tool in één browser window. Hiermee ontstaat een online editing programma waarmee verhaalstructuren kunnen worden vormgegeven door digitale content in de vorm van geluid, beeld en tekst te mixen. De website vormt een platform voor het CMS en bevat een overzicht van de producties en een forum. Ten grondslag aan het project ligt de visie van Neddam op de ontwikkeling van een gedeelde creatieve, expressieve taal die voortkomt uit online tradities. Voor de technische ontwikkeling van de tool werkt Neddam samen met softwareontwikkelaar James Hudson.