Workshop 6pm done!

6mp-instagramThe workshop of 22 july, 6pm was a succes!
The participants were David Gauthier, Michael Dieter, Edwin Stolk, Petra Johnson, Yoo-jin Lee, Michelle Son. I was assisted by Alina Lupu (who is also doing the user guide). Online on Skype were Stephanie Boisset, the interface designer and her friend Esther who were doing the same as we were doing, trying out the software. And James Hudson, was not very far from us, present on Skype.

The event is also rchived at the site of 6mpyourlocaltime

6pm3 Alina Lupu, Martine Neddam, Yoo-jin Lee, Petra Johnson.

6pm1Yoo-jin Lee, Petra Johnson, Edwin Stolk,

6pm2Edwin Stolk, David Gauthier, Martine Neddam

A little leaflet of presentation to be dowloaded here: MDL_Leaflet